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Image Management Associates is an independent public relations and communications consulting firm. We build strategies that serve the needs of smaller to mid-size clients in the Midwest and beyond.

From our base in suburban Chicago we partner with businesses, organizations, and individuals nationwide, to design and deliver customized and targeted communications and public relations solutions for both narrow and broad-based constituencies.

Our wide-ranging platform of services and our accessible client service structure make us well-suited to meet the needs of:
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Professional practitioners (solo and group)
  • Groups and organizations
  • Individuals

Sure, we have what it takes to work with the larger players.

However, our best clients:

  • Are smaller but growing businesses and organizations
  • Can be public or private companies
  • Have one employee, a few dozen, or a few hundred. Maybe even a few thousand.
  • Are successful enough to need our services, and competitive enough to want to take that success to the next level.

Maybe you sell or manufacture a product. Perhaps you offer a professional service. You might also have a special talent, or maybe your group represents a specialized skill, mission, or interest.

You know the benefits that come with building greater visibility, credibility, and awareness of you, your brand, and your image. You want results. We do too.

Contact Us, and we’ll take it from there, because

In our world, Image is Everything.



Thomas Corbett
Managing Director



Charles Holden-Corbett
Multimedia Production Manager

Thomas Corbett
Managing Director

A thirteen year award-winning veteran professional communicator and relationship manager, Thomas brings to bear a wealth of experience in project management, client service, and in framing and delivering effective, targeted messages that deliver results.

During his seven-year on-air career at Detroit’s leading news radio stations, WJR-AM and WWJ-AM, Thomas’s work drew national recognition for his on-site crisis coverage of the Cuban Refugee drama, the Oklahoma City Bombing, The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair, The Clinton-Yeltsin Summit, and the protracted controversy surrounding Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

His enterprising coverage of other original stories earned him the Outstanding Affiliate Correspondent of the Year Award from ABC Radio News, and multiple awards from the Associated Press and the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. He has traveled extensively in 30 countries across four continents.

As a journalist, Thomas has also collaborated at length with other public relations professionals from a number of leading firms in the Midwest. His firsthand insights into the demands facing both print and broadcast journalists make him uniquely positioned among public and Business Communications practitioners to meet and exceed the expectations of both journalists and clients.

“Integrity,” “honesty,” “bold,” “forward-thinking,” and “enterprising,” are words that Thomas’s colleagues use to describe him. He was widely quoted by the national Associated Press in reports about a recent controversy at a major Midwestern university.

Thomas’s career spans both radio and television. After earning his graduate business degree, he spent two years serving clients at a major Wall Street investment firm in Manhattan, and at a major retail bank in the Midwest. He holds a High Distinction undergraduate degree in History from the University of Michigan, and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He resides with his wife, Olga, in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

Charles Holden-Corbett
Multimedia Production Manager

With more than ten years of video production experience to his credit, Charles brings the weight of his technical mastery to bear on every video he produces for Image Management Associates.

His leadership and creativity first attracted national recognition in 2001, when he won the Communicator Award of Distinction for producing an original public service announcement for a multicultural family center in Indiana.

Charles began his professional career at WWTV-TV in Traverse City, Michigan, and later at Premiere Radio Networks in Sherman Oaks, California. The scope of his expertise centers on the industry’s most technically advanced digital production tools, including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, and Avid Express. He also works in production at a globally recognized, Fortune 500 entertainment company.

A native of Traverse City, Michigan, Charles holds undergraduate Degrees in Film, Television, and English. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.


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